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The Clockwork Automaton

((Rabbit Walter RP blog. Feel free to pester me on my main blog shrexything if my short attention span kicks in. Sometimes NSFW. multiship and multiverse

I also play The Spine for this verse, Static (static-spine.tumblr.com)

also sometimes art

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"Shut up." He really had no intention on budging-  even if he was right, being fed and pampered was certainly a change to keep him from being a grump, but it came back from the land of no return when she put a pink bib on him.
"Let’s get one thing right, if she’s going to go out buying ‘baby clothes’ mayube next time she should take a hint by my NAME by what COLOR I’d be the least angry over.
Goddamn, you people get too much of a kick out of what I am, its ridiculous.”

Insecure now, and turning head away, grumbling. “I want to just lay in my bed and watch JoJo.”

"Well, she prolly did that just ta’ annoy you, k-knowin her."

Chuckling a bit and kissing that tall man’s face, nuzzling.

"Ya’ prolly enjoyed yer’ stay otherwise, n-not my fault yer’ a big cute bug~"

Purrs and cuddling him, soon to pretty much carry the other off to their room, cuddling up to him on the bed.

"Y-you can watch yer’ show… want cuddles, though."


"No." muttering under his breath, he’d huff and shove at the other, wanting out of those wires quite badly- and still angry from being sent off- the kill was far from settling.
"You clean the damn house you wanted so much, and you put me down you gross kissy-facer." Shoving at him and trying to avoid the affections, whining.

Whining and practically crawling into the others lap, assisted by those wires, cuddling up to Silver and hugging him tightly.

"B-but tha’ pigs will prolly just eat w-whatever remains are left anyways, ‘s p-p-pointless~"

Soft purrs and kneading the others back a bit, slight touches over where vertebral slots would be.

"Missed you~ Was j-just a time out, nothin’ to be real upset about~ She prolly just fed ya’ f-for most o’ the time anyway."


He’d wriggle and writhe- seething and snarling, snapping at that hand.
Roaring, thrashing tall thing, yanking in wires before just sighing and slumping.
"Whatever. You have a mess to clean up in 36-B, by the way. Shit at keeping people out when I’m gone."

More pettings and soon stealing little kisses as that other slumped, practically purring- as he was glad to have Silver back, only having sent him away as a time-out of sorts, really.

"C-can it waiiit~?" Giggling a little and kissing him harder, hands trailing and touching that coreless chest.

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He tipped his hat to the copper automaton, then was on his way. Normally, most people would see The Spine as a cold, calculating man. (As he is.) But you'd be surprised how far a little kindness and respect goes with him. The room returned to normal temperature the moment he left. ((END.)) ((He's going to Static now, fair warning.))


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((Hey, I thought I should wrap this up over here.)) "Oh, why thank-you, Gears." He adjusted his white tie and took a step towards the portals before turning to him. "I'm unaware of whatever arrangement is going on, but you of course can accompany me if you'd like," he reminded him.

((ye since miri is back now c:))

He’d shake his head at that offer, knowing it wouldn’t be quite a good idea.

"N-no… I’ll stay, y-you can go. Don’t think he’d w-wanna see me righ’ now, ‘s fine…"

Certainly there was a… complicated past, that went unsaid.

"H-have a nice trip, Spine."

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Steam Powered Giraffe - Brass Goggles [x]

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Icona Pop - I Love It (Cover by Steam Powered Giraffe) [x]


Walter Robotics Rap


Walter Robotics Rap