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The Clockwork Automaton

((Rabbit Walter RP blog. Feel free to pester me on my main blog shrexything if my short attention span kicks in. Sometimes NSFW. multiship and multiverse

I also play The Spine for this verse, Static (static-spine.tumblr.com)

also sometimes art

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He bit his lip.
Arms around him, rubbing that back- caressing, kissing softly wherever he couild, and.. finally- selfishness subsiding.
He cupped that others mouth, and his optics remainedl ocked, putting himself in a sort of zen-like state as e took the other, he wanted to see Gears happy again, frustrations, aggressions, intwined in rhythmic movements of his pelvis.
He felt dumb. Silly, hated showing so much of himself and absolutely disliked having his pants removed so far, considering the hell it was to pull them back up.
But he did it, he worked that other as long as he needed, no words to be spoken, just movements.

I just want you happy.

Whimpers into the others hand, muffled but certainly looking at him with adoration- and perhaps even feeling bad for being so needy, as Silver would work and thrust into him.

Purrs and moans rattled that copper chassis, hands to pet the others cheeks- moving to grasp Silver’s shoulders and hold on, kneading.

[S-s-silver…~ L-love you, love you so much~]

Perhaps taking just… a bit longer than usual to hit that release, eventually letting out a gasp and trickling wetness, holding onto and nuzzling Silver lovingly.

"Oh g-g-god…" An exhale of that steamy breath, petting segmented plating of the others neck.

"…S-s-sorry for bein’ so needy…. I’ll help ya’ get yer’ pants back up if ya’ want…"


”..It’s nott hat, Gears. It’s really not.”
MUttering, he quickly tuckedh imself away- self concious with himself too, and distracted.
Wrapping up the other, holding him to his chest, kissing his temple.
"I hear things.. that— pepole..
Sex, sex sex, claim they were the most vicious monsters.
..I want to not be some tramp, I want to be known for something that will— imprint on people. Not ‘yeah, he plowed everyone and claimed he rips apart things for a hobby, he’s a real menace to society, but he’s stuck his dick in every hole he could find.
That’s not me. I..
We’re fucking robots, Gears.
We don’t need that shit.”

He had a feeling his ranting wouldn’t go to well, staring at the palms of his hands and biting his lip, slowly scooting himself away.
”..IF you want, y..you can just go back home. It’s fine.”

"B-b-but that shouldn’t have any impact on w-whether or not yer’ s-scary… and e-even if you don’t think you need it… I do. It’s s-s-somethin I’m programmed with.. don’t see how it makes ya’ a tramp if ‘s j-j-just me.”

A nervous swallow… at least, he hoped it was just him.

"I s-s-still get m’ murder on and all… b-but ain’t been feelin real motivated c-c-considerin how goddamn shitty I b-been feelin about m’ self…"

Sniffling and tearing up, wires bringing blankets for himself to bundle up in- practically hiding himself other than that face, reclusive.

D-d-don’t wanna leave you…" A crack to that voice, wincing as oil streaked down his cheeks.


He growled and wretched, and just finally gave up, sighing steam and letting the other enjoy himself, head wrap over his eyes and huumming.
"Mhm." Irritated still- just livid his way of torturing the other failed.

CHrist, he wished he could rip that always sexual desire out of the other.

Sex was so boring.

At first certainly enjoying himself, but…

Well, it certainly seem a one-sided thing, soon to just pull off the other, even if he was still a bit worked up, trickling slight wetness, kneadin himself a bit to try and relieve that built-up pressure, though not even in that mood anymore.

Forehead against the others chest, letting out a sigh.

"…G-guess I was righ’ about bein unattractive… s-since ‘m the only one doin anything."

That self-consciousness kicking in and whimpers to escape him- feeling rather down about himself.


He grumble- his attempted taunts to just upset the other had been destroyed by the others moreso hardheadedness than his own forced visible one, ipipes to start slowly losing steam as he grumbled, glaring back at Gears.

"It’s not supposed to go like this, you know."

Rutting and rocking against that cock, soon wincing and leaving slick traces of his own oil, disregarding that soon-disappearing spell.

"P-p-prolly’ not… t-t-t-too bad, though." Gritting teeth a bit and shivering, pluming steam.

"S-Siiilver…" A slight moan as he’d work and force himself onto that attachment, a high whine and groan as he took it in.


He rose a brow- snickering at how the other so badly wanted him, tendrils to carress, to tease and taunt the others frame, pressing a finger to those asymmetrical lips and growling.
"Mmmn, what ever shall we do about that?”

Wiggling out of his own pants and growling- forcing himself past that magic-induced distaste of sorts and pressing up against the other, nice and close and he’d pet that others attachment.

"T-t-think ya’ know what I got in mind~" A purr, pressing his crotch against that hardness.


His pants undone- and a simple shut off valve to make him look much more.. eager than he actually was, he lay back on his bed and wiggling his brow, tendrils to beckon him towards.
"Oh, look at that. I’ve seem to of become.. unleashed~”

Whimpering and eagerly crawling into that lap- that tall bot having caught the other towards the end of that little spell.

Rubbing against the other a bit and quivering, puffing steam and feeling him up.

"Y-y-yeah…. l-looks that way..~"

top ten turn-on: Bondage

Steam plumed from those vents, grinning a little.

"…T-t-that might be one of ‘em."

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