The Clockwork Automaton



"N-n-n-n-n-n-nn-not a t-t-taker.. j..j-j-just a g-g-g-g-giver." His balled up little fists moved over his chest, hiding under that pillow for just a bit longer, when he pressed down just a bit, V creaked,  trying not to buck up, sparks came from his wrists, and jolting his hands back to stuff them in his mouth, whining and crying out more. 

"G-GEARS! P-Please.. Please !" whimpering and abdomen whining noises as his hips rutted just once, catching himself before going still again.
"Y-you win, you win.”

"E-either way, ya’ obviously gots permission ta’ do as ya’ please~ I certainly won’t mind."

He grinned and giggled, giving a slight moan when the other bucked up, wiggling his hips just a bit further down.

"O-oh, I do~? Well ain’t that nice~" Obviously getting a kick out of the others behavior, giving a few rocks down onto that attachment, teasingly slow.


A whimper, a gasp at the others teasing, his mouth agape as he sat up on his forearms, accordion abdomen letting out a wheeze, grimacing and trying with all his might to hold himself back, fists clenched and crying out the others name, he squirmed again and cupped his head, plopping back down hard on the bed, grasping a pillow and moving it over his face to tremor and hide all those temptations, overheating, colors starting to drip from that metal, eyes rolling back.
"W_w-w-w-what-what-what-what-what-what’re yyy-yooooooooooou d-d-d-d-d-DOING?" Voice cracking, muffled through the cotton. 

He’d press down onto the head a bit, just for a moment, then pulling back up off it, purring and grinding a bit more.

Certainly, he was having a bit of fun right now, enjoying those cute, wanting sort of reactions.

Steam hissed up from his vents, rubbing and slicking up that attachment.

"Ya’ d-d-don’t gots ta’ hold back, you know~ I know ya’ wanna~"

And what's the name of that engineer? Mikas?


"Y-yeah, that’s him. Heh, I u-used to fluster p-pretty bad around him. Ain’t so much tha’ case now though, ‘m r-real comfortable with him."
He paused for a moment, slight pout.
"W-wanna cuddle him real bad, though, now that ya’ mention him."

What about with Feds?


"Don’t r-really see him as often as I’d like, but ‘s alright… he’s prolly got things ta’ do, is a-all… Maybe I oughta’ g-go an’ see him, if he ain’t t-too busy or anythin’…"

How about with Circuit?


"I-I really like it when we both get ta’ jus’… go out to tha’ pond, and feed tha’ ducks and whatnot. ‘s r-real nice ta’ be able to jus’ bond with him l-like that."

Your relationship with Quix?


"W-well… we’ve been through lots… an’ I still love him w-with all m’ heart, even if he’s been gone a l-l-lot more lately…"

A soft sigh, tipping his hat over his eyes a bit, puffing up steam.


He let out a stammered squeak, fingers folding into sheets, pidgeon toed knees and his mouth agape to whistle steam like a kettle, a moan as their crotches touched, bucking his hips already, boiler rattling loudly and gasping, crying out Gears’ name repeatedly, his core whirring loudly. 

"G-G..Gears!~” He wouldn’t ask, he never asked, only obliged, but his face practically sreamed how badly he wanted to be inside the other, tremoring and needy, biting his lip, hands moving to his headwrap to tug it to try and restrain himself from just.. taking that other.

Purposefully just teasing the other, he’d rub the head of that copper attachment against slick folds, wetting it up a bit and giving off soft, needy whimpers.

"Nnh… V-V~:

Though, he wouldn’t push down onto it yet, wiggling his hips, perhaps just daring to other to go ahead and take him.

A brow raised as he looked down at V, grinning and continuing those teases.

He wondered… Just how far would the others patience go?

Ask my character about their relationships.





He squeaked a tad as Gears removed his clothes, how handsome that man was, and it wasn’t long for those panties to be pressing tight, whimpering and hands soon crossed above his head as he withered and moaned, eyes closing and nuzzling the side of his own arm.

"I..I-I-I’m glad y-y-y-y-y-y-ya think so..~"

He absolutely purred at the others reactions, leaning down to press kisses to that bulge, teasing a bit.

"Oh, I k-know so~"

Slight purrs, tugging that particular garment down and straddling the other, puffing steam from his vents as he rubbed their crotches together, giving a soft little moan.



She lightly swatted his hand away from her hat as she gave him a disapproving look.

"Just Spine, not many nicknames here" she said bringing a hand through her hair.

"Now then gears, care for some tea or something?" She asked as she gestured him to follow her down the hall.

He pouted when she had swatted at him, but soon he’d be following along with her, slight bounce in his step- as was characteristic to most other Rabbits.

"Oh, a-alrigh’, then, Spine." A shrug.

"Y-yeah, guess I’ll have some tea, that’d be nice."