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The Clockwork Automaton

((Rabbit Walter RP blog. Feel free to pester me on my main blog shrexything if my short attention span kicks in. Sometimes NSFW. multiship and multiverse

I also play The Spine for this verse, Static (static-spine.tumblr.com)

also sometimes art

Current m!a: none

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when my friends make new oc’s







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kawaii uguu twins

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He knew it was not fatal- the touches, nothing more than teases to the failure he’d die as: failure to bring his home back to normal, failure to secure his brothers safety—

—and in passing, would realize, only one dot was left upon the signal, faded, out of rhythm, but one.

I’m sorry, Hatch..

I love you guys..” Final words— as that body soon shattered with sparks, wires clutching needily onto that core now ripped apart and frayed, sparking as his head went limp and no more fighting to ring out from the bots chassis. Like a swine on a hook, dangling, pooling oil from his mouth, sparks trickling from his hands and soon to nothingness, once again- a carapice for something who shouldn’t of owned.


Meanwhile, that bug was screeching in absolute pain and terror, rushng back and forth in that tank until he’d fallen upon his side, and legs starting to curl inwards, nerves locking up- only feelers to twitch for sign of life, bleeding out from the acid-eaten carapice, pleading to be put out of misery, or dumped in a vat of morphine, at this state.
No chassis to hide away in- though not a good idea in his condition, anyways- and not only that, his tendrils had been removed.

Hell, it was Hell, and he knew what Doc had done was in the right, but now.. he had a feeling there would be no more of Walter Robotics from this world.

In some other situation, perhaps he’d feel bad for that robot- know how much it’d hurt to be in that same situation.

However, this wasn’t one of those times.

Those living obstacles out of the way, he’d hurry back to Silver- whimpering and taking a piece of plating he’d ripped off of Doc during the fight, tying it onto the others back with some scrap cloth- a turtle shell of sorts.

"I-i-it’s gonna be okay, y-you gotta be okay…" A p.anicked tone to his voice, carrying that bug to their bedroom, picking up some of those leftover painkillers on the way

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His body writhed- why did he ever leave? Why did he hurt so many people? What happened to cause all this? I.. It was that damned insect- how did he get outsmarted by a goddamned insect?! Chest indenting at those pulls- the green core trembled and rattled- disliking the treatment it was getting- and not exactly the most stable of matters.
Smoke left him- he rattled like an angry old cash register and cried, mouth twitching out, jerking and wires snapping here and there inside- cracking upon that chest again.

He didn’t want to go back- he didn’t want to go back into spiraling darkness, he had a world to save, to bring back to the way it was.

Here he was- tortured, crying out in pain, screaming until that vocoder becan to wear apart, his power supply starting to park and overheat, quivering.

Please, don’t.. please—” Begging with all his might, eyes welling up and mouth twitching as he broke down into an absolute fit of tears and fear, he felt like he was being put in a trash compactor.

Please don’t be like Peter, you have s—-so much potential, don’t be him..”

Practically cackling, tapping that core and amused by the others behavior.
He enjoyed having the other under his control- perhaps something just… special to him, to be doing this to a Spine.
"Y-you poor thing~"
A purr into that robots ear, soon to end up as a slightly wheezy laugh.
"Heh, i-if this makes me like him, guess I might as well get me a mask an’ everything."
Rolling his eyes, touching cheekvents and nipping at that taller others ear, tightening his grip.
"G-goodnight, The Spine~" A pleased hum, ripping that core from its socket.

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He howled in pain,lurching- vomiting up oil at that yank, eyes bulging out as optics began to fade slightly- everything, blurry, starting to lose it.
He.. He couldn’t give up, wheezing, he reached that arm out in his restraints, only to be yanked back, kicking at him to get him away, turning his chest to tree and keep that core intact- oanicking, whimpering, shaking his head.
"T-take the house, take it all, j-just leave my brothers alone— I.. I;m only doing this for them, I suffered once- there’s nothing more painful you could do to me than what Peter did, I.. I don’t need to be a musician.
I just need to take careo f my family, g-get engineers, help.. help fix this place.
Please, don’t do this—Y-you have a family, r-right? Would you rip one of them a-apart in selfishness? Would you hurt w-who you love for something that isn’t yours?
What would they say?” Trying to— bargain with the situation, to stall, leaking fluids already— and perhaps actually false pissing hmself from fear.
"G-go home to them, let them love you, b..be happy there, I just.. I just want my brothers safe.."

Wires to further restrain that robot, leaving him helpless- at Gears’ mercy, or lack of it.

Tapping, and scratching that core, a wide grin on that face- getting quite a kick out of that others suffering, certainly.

"It ain’t tha’ house I’m g-goin’ for, righ now… though t-that’s mine, too~"

A purr, leaning in as he practically salivated, tongue to run across that core.

"E-even if I gots family… I been livin’ here, that ain’t gonna change."

A growl, somewhat of a sensitive subject for him, giving a hard tug to that core.

"Things ain’t ever gonna be like how they used ta’, kiddo."

A low chuckle, twisting core wiring with how he’d grasped it, taking his time with that eventual removal for the time being.

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His facial hair burned away- and half his face, he screched at that small stun and delay- blinded, unable to figure out where he’d gone—

and now he was alone, alone without his caretaker, his brother, and scared to leave that morgue. Holding Doc’s broken body to his chest- his grin no longer apparent, and, just like his brother,

he’d lost his lower jaw.

"R-Rabbit... P-please come back.." Streaming tears, the melted down bot would carry that chassis to that old vault he was locked away so many years in, to cradle his departed brother in the mass of animal corpses and plushies.

..H-He scares me.. he hurt Hatchy..


That voice— so similar, yet not, he thrashed in his hold, gasping and trying to figure out how to get away, to see Gears— horror struck him.

He knew, he knew those moments of revival were coming to a close.

Desperate, pleading.

"Please.. D..Don’t hurt me, o-or.. s..spare my brothers, please."

Perhaps later he’d feel bad for hurting Hatchworth- but it was self-defense, when it came down to it.

A large grin on that face as he came near The Spine, wires to restrain as he grabbed the other’s jaw, face close and blowing steam at him.

"T-thought things were gonna go back ta’ normal, did ya’?"

Chuckling, a hand dipping down to trace that core, claws to tap on it.

"Thought y-you were gonna have this body back? T-that you were jus’ gonna kick Silver out? N-not like you could ever go back to bein a musician or anything, g-given what he’s done w-while lookin like ya’."

Grabbing onto the edges, pulling at it slightly.

"G-got any good reason why I shouldn’t just feed ya’ to m’ virus?"
A purr, though of course… no matter the reason, it was going to happen.

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Doc— feeling.. peace, freedom. He could see that light- succumbing to darkness now, like underneath water, swimming.. drowning, ice to tickle his oil-thick veins.
His optics faded- he prayed for his brother, as atheist as he was. He hoped to God that The Spine would make it out alive.
He fell apart, Doc.. completely gone- the processors smashed, the tanks gashed, piping to let him continue breathing ripped into shreds.
Nothing more than spare parts for the cellar, now.

Silence, that mustached bot silent, staring at the scene before him.
R…Rabbit?” He whimpered- at no reply- he changed.
He. Changed.
Roaring- that orange bot jumped on him, teeth ripping into the throat of Gears and thrashing his head back and forth to let those rows of sharp, shark teeth do their work, beating upon him and distorted growling smashing at that core.

The Spine, too late— wires jabbing into open vertebrae slots and ripping into his back- howling in pain as he was jolting him, unlike Static- it was searing pain, blasting through his wires- crying oily tears as he ripping and struggled.
"L-Listen to me, d-darnit, I.. I’m your owner, It’s T-t-T-The Spine!’ Pleading, yanking— he didn’t want to hurt, oh, no, but he wanted to survive.

Screeching and howling out in paint, that flamethrower to engulf the other in a blaze, locust-springy legs to kick hard at the other- wires to take that bug out of harm’s way, to that bedroom in the HoW through a little shortcut of sorts in the ceiling.
Hissing and shaking the other off, running off simulated adrenaline and not even regarding his injuries- to go and off that Spine, as well- locusts in his chassis practically buzzing with anticipation, hoping to eat up that blue matter core.
"Spiiiiiine~" A teasing tone, absolutely mad- and not at all willing to give up his place as King.


"Hmm" Chess crossed his legs and tapped his chin with a claw. "How ‘bout I find us a nice little place fer a cuddle~?" He grinned again, softer this time, and drifted lightly beside Gears.

A smile on that copper face and nodding, certainly agreeable enough to such a thing- considering his fondness for that catlike bot.

"S-sure thing, sounds good ta’ me." A grin of his own, wrapping an arm around that floating counterpart.

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Pluming steam, The Spine, back after all these years- almost scared of that manor. Why did he go? Why did he lose it? The BSOD epidemic was bad enough, but.. to let it get to this..
At the door- no answer of QWERTY, and the thing was bloody barricaded.
He wouldn’t stop, though. Without his vertebrae, and the altered wiring towas just— broken. He was struggling to control his body with what little strength he had left.
His eyes watered- his family counted on him, and by god would he let them down.
His entire body letting steam escape, he yelled, and pried- all his strength into trying to open the damned door. He had to, he just had to.

Doc, too slow, he collapsed to the ground and his back shattered- cringing in pain, jaunty arms to try and press into his eyesockets, and Hatchy trying to rip Gears off the other- horrified, he didn’t know much about Gears, he wasn’t allowed to, other than he was a man not to meet.
L-Leave Rabbit alone!" Crying out as Doc spewed up oil, that mask flying off from being so mangled, that skull showing as it’d been rotting away- half just naked wires now from eaten away copper.

Y’ gonna do it, Gears? y’ gonna l-let m’ Paige be a-alone? Gonna leave H-Hatchy wit’ ou’ a friend n’ b-brotha?
Y’ gonna l-l-let m’ experiments run l-loose?
" Threatening- truly, the only reason he’d kept going was for Hatch, and now.. he hoped The Spine would fix the house.
Maybe losing his life would be a good thing- a release from that hate of himself, his loss of family, and all those horrid memories.
His house was.. lost. His bird, his love, everything gone.
Do it, b-break me. Break H-Hatchy’s h-h-heart, kill me in front o’ him, I dare yy—ya."

As if on an autopilot of sorts, those wires would try and fight that Spine off, pushing and coiling him, little jolts of electricity to try and ward him away from that room.
Certainly, Gears wouldn’t have made it easy for him to get through.
Hissing out steam and pushing Hatchy away, he’d growl loudly- not in a forgiving mood.
"I d-d-don’t care, yer’ goin down!"
Ripping and tearing wiring, wanting to leave that robot absolutely braindead- with no regard to Hatchy’s feelings.
"S-shame that things gotta be this way~"
At worst, he could always just run from that mustached bot and get to that Spine, perhaps tie the both of them down and reprogram as needed.

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Locust!Rabbit aka Gears’ war chassis bein controlled by a big dumb bug

Locust!Rabbit aka Gears’ war chassis bein controlled by a big dumb bug