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The Clockwork Automaton

((Rabbit Walter RP blog. Feel free to pester me on my main blog shrexything if my short attention span kicks in. Sometimes NSFW. multiship and multiverse

I also play The Spine for this verse, Static (static-spine.tumblr.com)

also sometimes art

Current m!a: none

Aug 20th at 1PM / 3 notes

Muses pls come back

Aug 20th at 7AM / 0 notes


Aug 20th at 7AM / 0 notes


If anything, don't delete the blog. At least keep it as a little memorial 'read through stuff if you're sad' blog. :3

i guess

idk i just dont know what to do with gears

or static or v or any of them

no big plot ideas or anything in mind

no inspiration to write for the most part

i miss big community plots etc but i know that shit aint coming back since there’s prolly people who refuse to rp with me just cause i adore miri

(which brings one to wonder if they’re really all that worth playing with in the first place, if they can’t deal with the fact that i like someone that they dont »)

idk im just tired and whiny and maybe not thinking entirely straight

i like my characters but what the fuck am i gonna do with them

if i go through with it i wont delete

just password and hiatus or something i guess

considering shutting down my rp blogs

Rory identifies as genderqueer. He’s fine with male pronouns but probably secretly wants to try out they/them pronouns…

his gender is more like boycreature than man i guess. just dont call him a girl tho cause he rly hates that




rubick-spine replied to your post:;o;
Yes I’m just lazy rn

that’s ok :3